Looking for ways to get the edge on the field? Here are some tips and tricks to help you out.


What keeps field hockey progressing as a sport are the different styles coaches and players approach the game with. Being able to take what you learn from all the great coaches out there and find what works for you as a player will make you successful on the field. We post video links from field hockey gurus around the world to help you discover not only new skills

but also different ways to approach them. 


Gives a very good view on when to use the jab and when to block.


The foundation of any player's game. Being able to do this well is vital. Great emphasis on looking up


Some excellent ways of how to create space to receive the ball. A few in game examples worth watching at the end of the clip.

AERIAL PASS (Overhead)

Shows one way on how to approach throwing an aerial pass. A tough skill to master but very effective.


Probably the most difficult skill to master. This clip breaks down one way to learn and perform the drag flick.


Marking in defense can make a big difference to your presence on the field. Simple but very effective!


Here are three ways other than a big drive to get a shot off on goals 


Watch some of the best players in the world perform tricks. Coach K was lucky enough to once play with one of them; Jamie Dwyer


TK showing off the skills of some of the world's top goalies. Not to be missed if you're the player with the pads!


Want advice on a particular skill?

Let us know and we'll help you find out more.